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DTS Powermark™ Dynamometer

Extreme Duty High Performance
2000HP, 15,000RPM, 1,500 LBS/FT

Monitor and Super Tune your engine on our Dyno
RPM / Torque / Horse Power
With Digital Electronics, Oil Pressure & Temp.
Fuel Pressure, GPH, Water Temp, Vacuum / Boost
Air Fuel Readings, Left & Right
Blow By Meter to check Ring Seal
Larry's Engine Dyno Service in Connecticut

Dyno Examples:

Mopar 535
Chevy 396
Chevy 327
Procharger 385 Chevy
383 Boat Motor
380 Small Block Mopar
455 Pontiac
440 Cross Ram
500 Mopar BB
Mopar 383
383 SB Chevy
502 Blown BB Mopar
390 AMC
Pontiac 428

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Dyno Pull - Small Block Chevy

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