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Honda B20

Our Rottler HP6A Honing Honda B18C

Slovenia - Acura NSX - AEBS Sleeves

Acura NSX Block w/ AEBS T-Sleeves

Rottler HP6A Honing Honda F20C

Acura B18 O-Ring for Stainless wire
w/ AEBS Sleeves

Acura B18C1/GSR Darton Sleeves
Fischer Automotive
B16 Honda with AEBS sleeves
Drilling water coolant holes on cnc machine
Darton MID Sleeve Installation
Acura/Honda B16A
Darton MID Sleeve Installation
Honda H22A4

Honda H22A4 - Darton Flanged Sleeves

Honda D16Y8- Darton M.I.D. Sleeves

Honda B18C1 - AEBS Sleeves

Honda H22A4 - Darton MID Sleeves

Honda K20 - Darton Sleeves

Honda B16 AEBS Sleeves

Honda B20 LA Sleeves
Honda h23 w/ AEBS Sleeves
Honda h23 w/ AEBS Sleeves.
Honda B18
AEBS Sleeve Installation
Honda B18
AEBS Sleeve Installation
Honda H22
Honda B18
AEBS Sleeve Installation
Honda B18

LA Sleeve Installation - H22

Honda D16 - Darton Sleeves and O-rings

Acura B18
Acura B18

A Short Block we built for David Nestor from the Virgin Islands, Honda H22A4 with L.A. sleeves installed

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