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Ford 2300 mini stock engine
on the dyno

Ford 2300 mini stock engine being finished up in the assembly room. Next step, to the dyno.

Ford 460 all finished,
ready for delivery.

Ford 2300 in the Rottler
HP6A diamond hone

Small Block Ford

427 Ford Fairlane

Ford 460 Interceptor

NMRA Factory Stock Dyno Pull


5.4L Ford

Ford 302 'class racer' drag engine
Ford 2300
Ford 2300

Cutting Valve Seats using the SERDI 100

Testing a 9.8- comp pump gas 428 ci sbf built for procharger that is NOT installed.
1.3142 60' on MT radials 10.10 1... Assembled and machined at Larry,s Power

67 Ford Falcon, 429 Big Block, Larry Kochran
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