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The CORRECT way to prime an import engine!

EJ25 Subaru
$ Short Block

EFI Logics - 665HP 581TQ

Rottler F68A CNC Machining Subaru Heads

ECS Performance - Subaru EJ25

Subaru EJ25 Major Sleeve Removal

Subaru EJ25 block for AEBS T-Sleeves

Subaru EJ25 Lower Sleeve Removal

Rottler HP6A Honing Subaru EJ20

Suabru EJ20 O-Ringing

EFI Logics - 6cyl Subaru

Suabru EJ20 water holes

Machining AEBS Sleeves
for case bolt access

Subaru EJ25
ECS Performance

EJ25 - EFI Logics
Dyno 577 WHP 475 WTQ

Subaru Ej20
Subaru Impreza STI

Subaru EJ20 - AEBS Sleeves

Wicked Innovation - Subaru EJ22
Swift Motorsports - Subaru WRX
Torque Plate Subaru
Subaru ALL Honed with Torque Plate

Subaru EJ25 wrx/sti w/ AEBS Sleeves.
Subaru - Align honing the mains

Subimods - Subaru EJ25

Performance Innovations - Subaru EJ25
Wicked_Inivations.jpg - 16445 Bytes
Wicked Innovation - Subaru EJ25

Subaru - Opening Up the Chambers on EJ20 heads for a EJ25 Short Block

Subaru Build - 550 HP+ WHP

Subaru Block Sleeving
Subaru with AEBS Sleeves
Subaru Block Sleeving - AEBS Sleeves
Subaru o ring machining
Subaru Block Sleeving
O Ring Machining with cnc machine

Machining on a Subaru Head

EFI Logics Subaru Engines - our machine work and engine assembly
Here are some pictures of the finished projects

WRX Subaru

Joe Paquette

- our machine work

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