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LA Sleeve

LA Sleeve open deck sleeve, good for up to 40 lbs of boost. Retains stock cooling passages which results in a cooler running motor


Complete Package Includes:

  • Clean & Inspect Block Prior To Machine Work
  • Blueprint CNC Machine Block For Sleeves
  • Install Sleeves
  • Sleeves Included In Price !
  • Machine Deck Surface Of Block For MLS Style Gasket
  • Finish Blueprint Bore & Power Hone Cylinder Bores To Standard Size
  • Over Bore Add $100
  • Final Clean Block, And Prep For Shipment Back To Customer
  • Average Turnaround Time Is 2-3 Weeks
  • Machine Block For Stainless Steel O-rings, Add $150.00

You May Find A Cheaper Price, But You Won't Find Better Quality And Service!
We Install Darton, LA And Aebs Sleeves
With The Same Equipment And Process That Darton Recommends!


Sleeves Included In Price !

D16, B16A, B18A, B18B, B18C1-5 $ 1475.00
H22, H23, F22 Open Deck $ 1475.00
2.2L, 2.3L Flat $ 1575.00
B20 $ 1475.00
F20, K20, K24 $ 1575.00
GM LA Sleeve
ECOTEC $ 1475.00
Nissan Flanged LA Sleeve
SR20 $ 1475.00
RB26 $ 1475.00
Subaru LA Sleeve
EJ20, EJ25 $ 1699.00
SVX V6 $ 1999.00

Sleeve Info & Applications

Average Turnaround Time Is 2-3 Weeks.

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